3A. Board Composition, Terms, and Vacancies

A.    Board Composition, Terms and Vacancies

1.  Composition. Each board of education or post-secondary institution that is a part of the cooperative agreement shall appoint one BOCES board member and one alternate from its membership in accordance with C.R.S. §22-5-104(2)(b). In addition, the BOCES board may appoint up to four (4) additional board members from the population at-large.

2.   Terms. Terms are specified in 22-5-104, C.R.S. and shall not exceed three years.

a.     District Board Member. The term of office of each voting Board member shall be coterminous with the Board member’s term of office on his or her board of education, not to exceed 3 years.  

b.     District Employee. If the board of education’s representative is an employee of the district the appointment term shall not exceed three years. If the employee ceases to be an employee of the school district while serving on the CD BOCES Board it shall create a vacancy on the board.

Vacancies. When a BOCES Board member’s term of office expires, he or she resigns, or a vacancy is declared for some other reason, a replacement to the BOCES Board shall be appointed by the participating member’s Board within thirty days after the vacancy is declared.

Adopted: 5-31-17

Legal References:

C.R.S. § 22-5-101 et. seq. (Boards of Cooperative Services Act of 1965)

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