• Starting in August of 2022, ERBOCES is offering a new program for its students through New Castle Learning Advantage. Through this program, students enrolled at an ERBOCES school will be able to access specialized support from the New Castle Learning Advantage program. 

    New Castle Learning Advantage can be used to aid students in areas in which they may be struggling in their education. The program is especially helpful to students experiencing difficulties concerning mathematics, logic, memory, speech, spatial awareness, and motor-skills (such as poor handwriting or babbling). 

    Students who are currently enrolled at an ERBOCES authorized school may be eligible to participate in the program. Those who choose to participate will continue to be enrolled in their school of choice, while receiving support from New Castle Learning Advantage.

    Currently, the New Castle Learning Advantage program has been filled for the 2022-2023 school year and will not be accepting new enrollments at this time.  

    To find out more, email info@edreenvisioned.org.