CORA (Colorado Open Records Act)

  • Education reEnvisioned BOCES wants to be open with information to the public. We have various pages on our site with information that could be helpful for your family's educational concerns. However, if you would like to access more specific information, you are welcome to send an email to requesting more specific information under the CORA legislation.

  • What is CORA?

    CORA is the Colorado Open Records Act (24-72-201 to 24-72-309, C.R.S.). Under this act, public records must be made accessible by the public. 

    How do I access public records and information?

    If you would like to request information under CORA, you can send an email to

    What information can I access through a CORA application?

    The Colorado Open Records Act was put in place to ensure public government records were accessible to everyone. Most public records can be accessed using a CORA application. However, a CORA application will not grant you access to student records, or other private information.

  • To learn more about CORA, read the full official Colorado Open Records Act here.

  • Other useful Links

    CORA applications are a wonderful tool for finding useful information regarding ERBOCES. However, the information you are looking for may already be on our site. 

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