• Education reEnvisioned Board of Cooperative Education Services (BOCES), providing educational services to school districts as well as operating schools in Colorado.  See Our Mission and Vision, but simply put, Education reEnvisioned is a welcoming host to innovative, exceptional programs and schools.  Go to Our Schools for a list of the schools we oversee or to apply to enroll your child through the school links found there.

    Created in 2013 by the Yuma and D49 school districts as the founding members, we were originally the Colorado Digital BOCES, initially focusing exclusively on online education.  In 2018, after taking on new member districts and expanding the focus of the BOCES, we became the Education reEnvisioned BOCES.  While we have three member districts and one member institute of higher education, our online schools are open and easily accessible to children anywhere in the state.


    Read our Mission and Vision to better understand where we are going and how we serve the parents and students seeking great public education options in Colorado.



    Our Mission

    The Education reEnvisioned BOCES will develop and deliver services to BOCES, districts and authorized schools to expand availability and access to quality, innovative public education programs in Colorado parents and students seek.



    Our Vision

    We believe that better education methods and formats continue to emerge and so resolve that the Education reEnvisioned BOCES will be a welcoming host to innovative, exceptional programs and schools and a wellspring of better education models, encouraging proliferation through partnerships with other districts and BOCES.



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News From Education reEnvisioned

  • Orton Academy Opening this Fall 2020

    Orton Academy Opening this Fall 2020

    The Education reEnvisioned BOCES is excited to announce and welcome our newest public school, Orton Academy, serving students in the Pikes Peak region, opening this Fall 2020! Orton Academy will be a full elementary program, with a focus on reading achievement, staffed with dedicated reading specialists that can make a tremendous difference in the success of children with reading challenges, including dyslexia.

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  • Request for Proposal

    Request for Proposal

    The Education reEnvisioned BOCES has issued the attached RFP and RFP budget template for new schools and programs. Please share it with those who may wish to respond to the attached RFP.

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  • Colorado Springs-based education provider opposes statewide education funding initiative

    Colorado Springs-based education provider opposes statewide education funding initiative

    While many public school districts support the statewide ballot proposal to increase income taxes on wealthy residents and corporations to raise more money for preschools through high schools, a Colorado Springs-based cooperative services group is one of the few education providers in opposition.

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  • Financial Transparency