Serving Students in Blended and Online Learning
  • Education reEnvisioned BOCES Board of Directors and Staff:  (left to right) : Ken Witt, John Graham,  Bethany Drosendahl, Annette Ridgway, Lis Richard, Andy Franko, Chelsy Harris, Suzanne Romero, Rachel Meyer, Dee Frank.  Not pictured:  Stephenie Osman

Who We Are

  • The BOCES serves Colorado families through schools we authorize and oversee, including brick and mortar schools, online schools, and homeschool enrichment programs.


    Our schools offer a variety of services for our students. One of our schools specializes in closing the gap for students with reading challenges, including dyslexia. We also serve students in blended and online learning schools and programs through unprecedented collaboration, accountability and support. The BOCES also offers a portfolio of homeschooling enrichment programs.


    While many schools in our state chose to close at various times during the 2020-21 school year in response to the COIVD 19 pandemic, the Education ReEnvisioned BOCES schools continued to operate as designed.  Our Board and our BOCES leadership team recognizes the importance of providing students normality with so much impact being experienced in the daily lives of our citizens resulting from local, state, and federal mandates.


    We at the BOCES value academic excellence that is achieved through authentic relationships and encourage face-to-face student-teacher relationships, even when leveraging online education tools. We are expanding availability and access to quality, innovative public education programs in Colorado which families seek, to fulfill our vision to be a welcoming host to innovative, exceptional programs and schools.


    Education reEnvisioned BOCES is:

    • Building the necessary infrastructure and support systems to establish effective and compliant online and conventional schools, as well as home school enrichment programs.
    • Ensuring excellence from service providers by being a highly engaged and supportive overseer.
    • Clearly communicating expectations to school and program operators, school leadership, and other stakeholders.
    • Monitoring real-time data to ensure swift action is taken when challenges are presented.
    • Passionate about improving online and schoolhouse education through support, accountability and collaboration.