Board Policies Overview

  • The Education reEnvisioned BOCES Board of Directors maintains a set of governing policies. In the case that Education ReEnvisioned BOCES has not drafted a specific policy, Education ReEnvisioned BOCES relies on the board policies from District 49. If you do not see a ERBOCES policy that you are looking for, please reference the District 49 board policies.

    Board Policies Preamble
    These pages contain the policies of the Board of Education, the major regulations intended to implement policy, and certain reference or “exhibit” documents that relate to policies and/or regulations. The official copy of the Board Policy Manual is maintained at the Central Administration Office. The policies and regulations are organized according to the classification system developed by the National Education Policy Network (NEPN) and National School Boards Association (NSBA). The system provides an efficient means of coding and finding policies and regulations.

    Our mission is to provide the learning opportunities and instruction necessary to produce educated productive citizens, knowledgeable about our government, our history, and academically prepared to contribute to our community, nation and world.

    The BOCES' greatest assets are dedicated teachers and supportive families. The BOCES acknowledges the primacy of the family as the fundamental authority in the lives of its children.

    Education ReEnvisioned BOCECS is governed by the parents and patrons of the BOCES by electing 5 citizen directors, who hire three chief officers (Chief Business Officer, Chief Education Officer, and Chief Operations Officer) to carry out their directives.

    Each director before taking office, has promised to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Constitution of the State of Colorado. We place, in part, the words of our state constitution at the head of our board policies, because from it originates the authority of the citizens who serve as directors of Education ReEnvisioned BOCES.

    Constitution of the State of Colorado – Section 15. School Districts ­ Board of Education

    The general assembly shall, by law, provide for organization of school districts of convenient size, in each of which shall be established a board of education, to consist of three or more directors to be elected by the qualified electors of the district.

    Said directors shall have control of instruction in the public schools of their respective districts. Therefore, no action, resolution, or policy of the board shall circumvent, dilute or negate the powers and responsibilities given to the Board of Education by the Colorado State Constitution. Any policy contained herein which is or may be interpreted to do so in whole or in part, is hereby rendered null and void and waived in any part which may violate this policy.