Renaissance Innovation Academy

  • Renaissance Innovation Academy strives to be the exemplary homeschool partner that nurtures each student’s full potential. We aspire to be a supportive environment for homeschool students to participate in safe, innovative and personalized educational programs that create passionate life-long learners. We strive to provide quality support to homeschool students and families that adds value to the education provided at home.

    Students participate in a high quality performing, visual, and creative arts education provided by professional artists. This program is supervised and most of the instruction is provided by a Colorado licensed arts teacher. Using the tenants of inquiry and project-based learning, students use research to inform their developing arts skills. While learning these new skills, students build deep understandings about themselves as artists and make long-lasting connections to the foundations of art, creativity, and the world around them. High quality, experiential art education fosters confidence, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills, mental and emotional health and intelligence, increased academic success, and joy in the classroom.

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