Summit Homeschool Academy

  • The Summit Homeschool Academy supports homeschooling parents of students in grades K-9. The mission of the program is to “To support a love of learning through engaging experiences and collaborative community”. The program provides collaborative learning through groupwork, hands-on projects and professional instruction. SHA will use mastery-based curriculum and learning models that are geared towards activities and lessons best done with a group of students, to include hands-on science activities, cross-curricular writing lessons, math discussion and group work.

    The goal of the program is to provide “first-year and beyond” homeschool parents with the tools and confidence they need to access homeschool education. Teachers will provide in-person instruction and assign homework. Parents will provide guidance through the other lessons and administer tests outside of class. Students will be graded on their participation and unit test results using a customary 0-100% scale with grades entered into a gradebook by teachers. Students who achieve at least a 70% will automatically advance. Otherwise, teachers and parents will meet to discuss the parent’s goals, and ultimately, the parent will decide if the student is ready to advance or not.

    Summit Homeschool Academy provides professional in-person instruction for grades k-9 initially, and up to grade 12 by adding a grade each year, or as the demand and physical workspace allow. The program teaches students the core subjects of English, Math and Science. The curriculum chosen is an all-mastery-based curriculum in order to instill critical thinking, confidence and skill mastery. Summit Homeschool Academy is designed to facilitate community and communication skills in a collaborative learning environment, organized by small groups (cohorts).

    Each family will pay a one-time application fee per student, fully refundable if the family opts out within 14 days of the first day of school. For more information on registration and payment options, please visit