La Luz Homeschool Enrichment Program

  • La Luz’s mission and mantra is, we can all human better.  It is time for us to take action to care for our planet and ensure we live in a society that is truly just for all. We believe that through authentic learning experiences in the community, students will learn about themselves, others, and the planet.


    There are three key components that make La Luz a uniquely special place to learn.  First, learning happens almost entirely in the community, as opposed to in a classroom, sitting in a chair at a desk. We know that learning happens everywhere.  Intentionally creating learning opportunities that honor this is essential.  Second, families are integral to La Luz.  Whether that means collaborating about what is taught, participating in the plethora of events, or just wanting to really know their child’s classmates and families, our families are front and center.  Third, La Luz is focused on creating better humans, and not just academic skills.  Our students have such a strong sense of self and identity. 


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