• Colorado homeschool Enrichment

    Colorado Homeschool Enrichment Program (CHE)

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Colorado Homeschool Enrichment Program

  • Colorado Homeschool Enrichment (CHE) is designed to offer enrichment opportunities to homeschool students that would otherwise be difficult to access as an individual family. Our target population will be homeschooled students in K-12th grade. 

    CHE will focus on three areas:

    • Living in such a beautiful area of Colorado, it is natural that we focus on experiential learning embracing outdoor education and the sciences.
    • Homeschool students, like students who attend traditional schools, need academic support when they encounter learning challenges. We will utilize the Arrowsmith program to support students. One example is the Symbol Relations module for students who need support in Math and logical reasoning. Academic support will be offered for specific academic areas.
    • The visual and performing arts are important for student flourishing. Students in some areas have little access to rich experiences in music, dance and drama. Our goal would be to expand student access by offering youth choirs, orchestra preparation, art classes, and drama experiences, just to name a few..

    CHE will work in partnership with a number of local nonprofits and for-profits to include: Liberty Classical Academy, Arrowsmith Program, Colorado-based Outdoor Education entities, Symphony in the Valley, Inspire Aspen, New Hope Church, and more. Classes will be offered in units, with a unit being 15 hours of direct contact during the semester. All students enrolled will take at least six (6) units to meet the required minimum of 90 hours each semester. 

    These programs will be open to any student that wishes to participate in these experiences that will take place throughout the week. Enrollment will be determined on a first come, first served basis, and a wait list will be developed to fill openings during the year. This homeschool enrichment program will be operated as an enhancement to students whose families have already chosen to homeschool their children.

    For more information, visit https://www.che.school/