Alpine International Preparatory Academy (AIPA)

  • Alpine International Preparatory Academy is a Kindergarten-12th grade multicultural learning community that offers a variety of high quality and rigorous academic programs.  AIPA has blended, online and experiential courses for full-time, part-time or homeschool students.  We promote student agency, creative learning, and inspire global citizenship.

    We provide an outdoor education program that is designed around outdoor skills and an understanding of environmental concepts. The activities and lessons will inspire wonderment of the environment, encourage self-efficacy, leadership skills, a sense of community by providing students with opportunities to apply the concepts to real-world situations, fostering an understanding and stewardship of the earth. AIPA will have a thematic unit starting with ecosystems in the fall that will set the tone for building healthy (symbiotic) relationships, community, and working as a team. The winter unit on adaptations will teach students problem solving, decision making, safety, and risk management skill sets. Lastly, the spring unit on biodiversity will translate so that everything and everyone has a special niche or unique role to play in their community and environment, which fosters empathy, character development, group dynamics, leadership, and stewardship. 


    Please visit or call 719-640-4311