Press Release: September 20, 2018



September 20, 2018 

Contact: Ken Witt, Executive Director, Education reEnvisioned BOCES, 719.368.6392

Education reEnvisioned BOCES Passes Resolution Opposing Proposed Amendment 73

A73 Attempts to Change the State Constitution To Take More Education Finance Authority Away From Communities

Colorado Springs, CO – Tuesday night, the board of directors of Education reEnvisioned BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) passed a resolution opposing Amendment 73, which will appear on the 2018 ballot. The resolution cites that the proposed amendment undermines the voters of local school districts, consolidating more education taxation at the state level, rather than respecting the Colorado commitment to local control.

The resolution reads:

Resolution of the Education reEnvisioned Board of Cooperative Education Services

Regarding Proposed Amendment 73 to the Colorado Constitution

WHEREAS, the Education reEnvisioned Board of Cooperative Education Services (Education reEnvisioned BOCES) is committed to ensuring and improving the academic success of the students of Colorado’s K-12 public education;

WHEREAS, state funding for Colorado’s public education system was established in Amendment 23;

WHEREAS, all school districts are afforded the opportunity, with voter approval, to increase their public education taxation and thereby increase local education funding if their voters so desire;

WHEREAS, Colorado sustains a proud tradition of local control, allowing local school districts and their voters genuine accountability in the oversight of public education of students within their community;

WHEREAS, studies show that increased funding has no direct bearing on student academic achievement;

WHEREAS, voters have a reasonable expectation that public K12 education funding be more efficiently applied to education;


The Education reEnvisioned BOCES opposes the proposed Amendment 73; and

The Education reEnvisioned BOCES undertakes this resolution with the hope that the Colorado legislature and Colorado school districts and BOCES will seize the opportunity to materially improve the academic effectiveness of existing public K12 education funding by encouraging local decision making about school finance.



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