PRESS RELEASE: Help for Homeschooling Families


 Help for Homeschooling Families

Colorado, United States – August 31, 2021 – Homeschooling has greatly increased in Colorado in the past year, and has doubled nationally according to the US Census.

Education reEnvisioned has two new free homeschool enrichment options, one or both available anywhere in Colorado, that can support new homeschooling families with a solid curriculum and strong instruction.

Given high parent dissatisfaction with back-to-school plans and requirements this Fall, the number of homeschooling families in Colorado is expected to remain high.

Many families who homeschool, and especially those just starting out in homeschooling, are often concerned that they may not have access to sufficiently comprehensive instructional materials and methods.

These new, free homeschooling enrichment programs, Prenda and Williamsburg Learning, both provide strong curriculum and instruction.  Prenda also provides mentored online instruction.  These homeschool enrichment programs give new homeschooling families greater confidence that their children will get a solid education.

Ken Witt, Executive Director of Education reEnvisioned, feels these programs meet a specific need in the fast-growing Colorado homeschool space.

 “While we have many quality homeschool enrichment programs, these two new programs are run by groups that operate full-time schools as well, so these programs are particularly well suited to supporting families who are new to homeschooling or who want to feel more confident about the instruction their children receive.”

Education reEnvisioned BOCES operates educational services and programs as well as free public schools, providing Colorado families exceptional, unique educational choices.


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