7L. Personnel Records and Files

The executive director is authorized and directed to develop and implement a comprehensive and efficient system of personnel records under the following guidelines:
1. A personnel folder for each employee shall be accurately maintained in the BOCES administrative office. Personnel records shall include home addresses and telephone numbers, financial information, and other information maintained because of the employer-employee relationship.
2. All personnel records of individual employees shall be considered confidential except for the information listed below. They shall not be open for public inspection. The executive director and designees shall take the necessary steps to safeguard against unauthorized access or use of all confidential material.
3. Employees shall have the right, upon request, to review the contents of their own personnel files, with the exception of references and recommendations provided to the BOCES on a confidential basis by universities, colleges or persons not connected with the BOCES.
4. The following information in personnel records and files shall be available for public inspection:
a. Applications of past or current employees
b. Employment agreements
c. Any amount paid or benefit provided incident to termination of employment
d. Performance ratings except for evaluations of licensed personnel as noted below
e. Any compensation including expense allowances and benefits
5. The evaluation report of licensed personnel and all public records used in preparing the evaluation report shall be confidential and available only to those permitted access under state law.
6. Employees’ home addresses and telephone numbers shall not be released for general public or commercial use.
7. Employees’ medical records shall be kept in separate files and shall be kept confidential in accordance with applicable law and Board policy.
Adopted 10-17-17
LEGAL REFS.: C.R.S. 22-9-109 (licensed personnel evaluations – exemption from public inspection)
C.R.S. 24-19-108 (1)(c) (exceptions to public records)
C.R.S. 24-72-201 et seq. (Colorado Open Records Act)
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CROSS REFS.: GCE/GCF, Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring
KDB, Public’s Right to Know/Freedom of Information