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    Merit Academy
    739 Gold Hill Pl.
    Woodland Park, CO 80863
    Phone:  719-888-9658

Merit Academy

  • Merit Academy is a K-8 school with one class per grade in year one, growing to K-12 with two classes per grade over the next five years. It serves students from all over the greater Ute Pass/Woodland Park community. 

    One of the benefits of having a K-12 school is the vertical and horizontal integration of academic, social, and emotional development among our students. Merit Academy develops this close-knit community through the use of the British House System, as well as by engaging students in various enhancements throughout the year.

    Merit Academy is a classical, core knowledge school founded on the principles of civic responsibility, intellectual growth, and desire for good. There is focus on science, math, history, literature, the arts, and the glorious rocky mountain environment. Using Socratic seminars in these studies, students take apart, examine, and explore various concepts and how they came about. This is one of the cornerstones that prepares them to be thoughtful, virtuous, and responsible citizens in a free society.

    Students will understand what it means to live out the lessons learned, to create mindful and fruitful habits that also tie to Merit’s five core virtues. It is the foundation of the whole child in education: mind, body and spirit.

    In short, this is a classical education for modern times.

    To learn more, please visit merit.academy