For more information about Williamsburg Academy of Colorado and enrollment, please visit williamsburgacademy.org

    Williamsburg Academy of Colorado
    7575 E. 29th Pl. #4116
    Denver, CO  80238
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Williamsburg Academy of Colorado

  • Williamsburg Academy of Colorado will provide a comprehensive and rigorous full-time, online educational option for students throughout Colorado. Beginning fall semester 2022, the school will deliver a sequential program of live, synchronous courses for grades 6-12 (unlike many other online options), in addition to asynchronous content and instructional support. A K-5 program is planned for the fall semester of 2023.  Instruction will be directed by a teacher, primarily through online digital learning strategies that provide students with choice over time, place, and path, as well as a teacher-guided modality of learning.  

    Williamsburg Academy of Colorado provides a high quality, full-time, online option for students who are interested in a classical liberal arts education with an emphasis on leadership. In the current climate, many families are choosing to educate their children from home and want personalized instruction and real relationships with mentors. Williamsburg has a strong record of success in building relationships with students and families and providing a challenging and thoughtful curriculum that allows students to succeed. 

    Williamsburg Academy of Colorado is a full-time, online school experience. It aims to teach children through an asynchronous model, with synchronous support. Some kids thrive with asynchronous learning, while others are more successful with a live-class model (synchronous learning). By combining the two, Williamsburg Academy of Colorado aims to create a more flexible model of learning that can be personalized to best fit the individual's needs. 

    Williamsburg Academy of Colorado is excited to serve Colorado families as a partner in education, supported by Williamsburg Learning. With a mission to "prepare promising students for meaningful lives as principled leaders", the school is designed to offer an innovative approach to education that focuses on the whole person, in addition to offering an extraordinary academic program.